Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Un día de tristeza es un día perdido.

With just one week left in the semester, I've definitely gone into hyperactive mode. I have my bags almost packed. I'm thinking about everything except for what I should be thinking about: finals. I'm going to study this weekend as much as I can, while trying not to think too much.

Once again, my life is about to change. How do I focus on my upcoming tests with so many mixed emotions? I'm so upset to be leaving this amazing lifestyle that I've assimilated into, but I want to see my family. I can't even think of the fact that all of the people I have become so close to in the past few months will be all over the world, but I can't wait to see my friends at home. I will miss seeing the faces of so many amazing people every day. The helpful and welcoming CC-CS staff, my professors, my host family, my Spanish friends. I will miss the life here. There are so many activities to do in Seville. I will miss being able to go outside and go kayaking just a few blocks away. I'm definitely going to have to do some adjusting when I get back to America.

Nothing will ever compare to the experience I've had while abroad. Although this feeling is 100% bittersweet, I'm going to smile through everything and just roll with it. To me, frowning throughout the day is basically just throwing it away. This experience has taught me not to waste even a single day!