Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rest in Paradise Our Dear Friend, Bobbie Marie Nyari.

 Today I have very few words about myself, but I will update you on what is going on. I dedicate this post to Bobbie Marie Nyari. She passed away yesterday.

I'm going to draw this picture of her, because I know she would love it.  She is so incredibly pretty and Idon't know anyone with such a striking combination of such beautiful eyes and smile.
Bobbie was so talented. She always complimented me on my artwork, and she was equally good at art. She was so proud of her gold key in the Scholastics Show. I'm so proud of her. She was really driven!
I'm going to draw this picture of her, because I know she would love it.

She went to prom with us my Senior year. Now she doesn't get to go to her senior prom. My heart is breaking for her. There are so many "why's" and "what if's."  I can't believe any of this. I feel for her family. If you live in the area, you know her and her family. She had so many friends. She had so many people who loved her. She was always nice to me. Never a bad word from her. I feel for the class of 2013. What they must be going through. I feel for the entire John Glenn community. This loss is so tragic. Her life ended way too soon and it's not fair at all. I know my community will pull together for her family and friends, even if I can't be there. We love you so much, Bobbie. You will be missed. <3

Prom 2011

Today, I just want to go home. I can't explain how hard it is, being this far away from everyone when I need them the most. I've been fighting the tears so hard.

I took a tour of the Seville Cathedral today. It was beautiful. After the tour, I prayed so hard for Bobbie, her family, her boyfriend, my community, and everyone affected by this tragedy. You're all in my prayers. Please stay strong! We must trust Jesus to help us make it through this.

Christoper Columbus' Tomb

This is seriously locked!
 Christoper Columbus again

 Huge Organ

In God We Trust

 Inside the Giralda Bell Tower
 Top View of the Patio de los Naranjas
 Atop the Giralda Bell Tower
And Again

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